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Amana Appliances

Installing the Shelves and Baskets

How to Install the Shelves and Baskets in your Amana freezer

Storage Basket

The slide out basket provides separate storage space for items that are difficult to store on freezer shelves. To remove the basket, pull out and lift up.


Door Bin

To remove and replace the bin:
  1. Remove the bin by tipping the front of the bin forward and sliding out.
  2. Replace the bin by sliding it in above the desired support tilting it back into place.


Storage Gate

To Lower and Raise the Storage Gate:
  1. Lift the top of the gate up slightly, out of the supports. Pull the gate forward and down.
  2. Return the gate to the upright position. Lift the top of the gate slightly to clear the supports. Lower the gate into the supports.

Are the shelves and/or baskets out of position?

If the Baskets and/or Shelves are out of the position is could cause the following:

  • Not allow the lid to properly close
  • Not allow the lid to properly open
  • Allow moisture and air in, potentially causing excessive frost build up
  • Cause compressor to run longer to maintain temperatures