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How to Flush the Water System

Was the water system flushed after filter installation or replacement?

Flushing the system is needed every time the filter is changed or once the refrigerator is installed to the water supply line for the first time.  Air in the water system may cause dripping at the dispenser that is considered a leak.

Note: One or two drops of water immediately after dispensing is normal.  It may be necessary to hold the container under the dispenser for 2 to 3 seconds after releasing the dispenser button.

How to Flush the System:

  1. Use a sturdy container to depress and hold the water dispenser lever for 5 seconds and then release for 5 seconds. 
  2. Repeat the process until water starts to flow at a steady pass and all the air is out of the water line.  You may discard up to 3 gallons of water during this process. 


  • Allow 24 hours for the refrigerator to cool and chill the water. 
  • Dispense enough water every week to maintain a fresh supply.
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