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Water Temperature Questions


Possible Solutions

Are the water inlet hoses correctly installed?

Check to see if the hot and cold water inlet hoses were reversed during installation. If so, turn off the water lines at the faucet. Check that the rubber gaskets are in each of the inlet hose connections. Reconnect the hot inlet hose to the hot faucet and the cold inlet hose to the cold faucet. Turn the water back on and check that there are not any leaks. See the Installation Instructions for details.

Is the water heater located far away from the unit?

The distance from the water heater to the washer can make a difference in water temperature during start-up operation. To ensure a warm wash, run the water at the nearest sink until you have hot water and then begin a load of laundry.

Are you washing many loads in a short amount of time?

Washing many loads in a short amount of time may use up the available hot water faster than your hot water heater can produce it. You may notice lower hot or warm water temperatures. This is normal.

Was the correct cycle selected for the desired wash water temperature?

The Temperature Control senses and maintains uniform water temperatures by regulating incoming hot and cold water. The hot water temperatures vary per cycle.

CLICK HERE for more information on Cycle Water Temperatures

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