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Possible Solutions

Check Washer Hoses and Water Supply:

  • Check the household water supply lines to see if the hot and cold water is turned on. Make sure to open both household water supply lines completely for proper fill.

NOTE: Both hot and cold water must be connected to the washer supply and turned on. The washer will not properly operate with only one incoming source of water. The water valve inside the machine needs to have the “pressure” from both attached hoses in order for the washer to complete the cycle.

  • If a cold water wash is selected, the washer is designed to add hot water to keep the temperature optimal for cold wash performance. If you want to save energy by not connecting to the hot water line (or only have access to a cold water line if connected in a garage, etc.), purchase a “Y-connector” and an extra inlet hose to connect the hoses to both sides of the water valve.

NOTE: If you choose to connect only to cold water, wash performance may be affected.

It is recommended that washer fill hoses be replaced every 5 years.

This part can be ordered at our Purchase Genuine Parts site.

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