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Filters (Grease and Charcoal)

Cleaning or Replacing the Filters 

Grease filters

Grease filters are on the underside of microwave oven. Clean monthly or as prompted by filter status indicator. We recommend cleaning the grease filter with mild soap and water.  Most grease filters can be placed in the dishwasher for additional cleaning, but we recommend verifying in the Use and Care Guide. 

  1. Slide the filter away from the tab area, and drop out the filter.
  2. To reinstall, place end of the filter into the opening opposite the tab area, swing up the other end, and slide it toward the tab area

CLICK HERE to watch a video on cleaning the grease filter


Charcoal filter

The charcoal filter is behind the vent grille at the top front of the microwave oven. The charcoal filter cannot be cleaned and should be replaced about every 6 months, or as prompted by filter status indicator.

  1. Remove two screws on the vent grille, tilt the grille forward, lift it out, and remove filter.
  2. To reinstall, place the filter into its slotted area – wire mesh side up, replace vent grille, and secure with screws.

CLICK HERE to watch a video on replacing the charcoal filter


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