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Possible Solutions

Were you washing just one type of garment in the load?

Loads tend to tangle or twist when washing loads of one type of garment, such as long-sleeve shirts. Try mixing different types of load items to reduce tangling.

Did you load the washer as recommended in the Use and Care Guide?

Place a load of sorted clothes loosely in the washer. Items need to move freely reduce wrinkling and tangling. See the “Cycle Guide” for load size recommendations for each cycle.

Were you washing a large load?

To reduce tangling and twisting, the load items need to tumble freely in the washer. You may need to reduce your load size.  Using the correct cycle type for the type of load being washed will also help reduce tangling.  

Did you increase wash time using the Soil Level button?

Selecting a higher level of soil removal increases the wash time. Long wash times may provide too much wash action for the size and type of load you are washing. Lower soil level settings will help reduce tangling and wrinkling. 

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