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Received an Error Code F8E1


Possible Solutions

Is the household water supply turned on?

Both the hot and the cold water faucets or valves must be turned on and fully open. Check the household faucets to see if the hot and cold water faucets are turned on. Make sure to open both faucets or valves completely for proper fill.

Are the water inlet hoses kinked?

Check for any kinks in inlet hoses, which can restrict water flow.

CLICK HERE for more information on the water supply

Are you using Anti-flood devices?

Whirlpool recommends that appliances be direct connected to the water supply for optimum machine performance. Using anti-flood devices can reduce the water pressure and amount of water entering the appliance.

CLICK HERE for more information on the use of flood safe devices

To remove displayed code:

  • Press the Pause or Cancel button twice
  • Press the Power button once

NOTE: The method for removing the displayed code varies by model

If code is still displayed:

  1. Unplug the washer or disconnect the power for one minute. 
  2. Plug in the washer or reconnect the power. 
  3. Re-select the cycle and press Start.

Still need help?

Please contact us at 1-866-616-2664, or by live chat, email or mail.


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