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Vibrating, Whirling or Spinning


Possible Solutions

Vibrating, Whirling or Spinning sounds:

To maintain a balanced load and maximize the removal of water, the washer steps through increasingly higher spin speeds.

CLICK HERE for more information on sounds made during spin

Is your wash load unbalanced?

If the load is not evenly distributed in the basket when spinning begins, the load will create movement in the basket which will result in noise and vibration. 

Were you washing Bulky Items?

The use of the bulky cycle is intended only for oversized, nonabsorbent items such as comforters, pillows or poly-filled jackets. Washing other items in this cycle could create an unbalanced load, or poor wash performance.

Is the washer level?

Non Pedestal Installation

When the washer is not on a pedestal, all four washer feet need to be in firm contact with the floor. Try to rock the washer diagonally, from corner to corner, with your hands; adjust the feet if the washer teeters. The lock nuts on all four of the feet should be tightened against the washer cabinet.

Pedestal Installation

When the washer is on a pedestal, the feet must be removed from the washer before installing it onto the pedestal. The black pedestal pads should be securely placed between the top of the pedestal and the washer.

CLICK HERE for more information on leveling the washer

Were the shipping / transfer bolts removed?

All four shipping / transfer bolts must be removed from the rear of the washer before you operate the washer. 

See your installation instructions for more information on removal of the shipping bolts.

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