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Moving Care


Possible Solutions

Transporting your washer:

  1. Shut off both water faucets. Disconnect and drain water inlet hoses.
  2. If washer will be moved during freezing weather, follow WINTER STORAGE CARE directions before moving.
  3. Disconnect drain hose from drain system and from back of washer.
  4. Unplug power cord.
  5. Place inlet hoses and drain hose inside washer drum.
  6. Bundle power cord with a rubber band or cable tie to keep it from hanging onto the ground.

IMPORTANT: Call for service to install new transport bolts. Do not reuse transport bolts. Washer must be transported in the upright position. To avoid structural damage to
your washer, it must be properly set up for relocation by a certified technician.

Reinstalling and using washer again:

To reinstall washer after non-use, vacation, winter storage, or moving:

  1. Refer to Installation Instructions to locate, level, and connect washer.
  2. Before using again, run washer through the following recommended procedure: 

To use washer again:

  1. Flush water pipes and hoses. Reconnect water inlet hoses. Turn on both water faucets.
  2. Plug in washer or reconnect power.
  3. Run washer through HEAVY DUTY cycle to clean washer and remove antifreeze, if used. Use only HE detergent. Use half the manufacturer’s recommended amount for a medium-size load.

Still need help?

Please contact us at 1-866-616-2664, or by live chat, email or mail.

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