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Coil Element cycles on and off on my new Amana Cooktop 

Coil elements on new electric and free standing ranges have changed starting in June 2018. Ranges and cooktops using this type of burner are now equipped with temperature-limiting coils. This change is due to updated UL (Underwriters Laboratory) standards. This change will be standard for all brands and for all replacement parts as well.

The element outer coils will remain on all the time, but may appear to not "glow" as strongly as your previous element. The inner coil will cycle on and off and glow red when it is cycling on. It will glow, then turn off and on, as the burner is being used. This is normal operation.

See picture below:

Cooktop Element Operation.jpg    Cooktop Element Operation2.jpg

There should be very little performance changes to the cooktop from this change. It may take longer to heat large volumes of water. 

Use the correct size burner for the pot or pan you are using. Pots should not overlap the burner by more than 1/2 inch.

Use flat bottom pans and put a cover or lid on the pot when boiling water.

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