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Is the Lint Screen or Vent Clogged?

An AF (Restricted Air Flow) error code indicates that the lint screen or house vent is clogged; the vent may be crushed, kinked or have too many turns. The dryer will continue to run when the is error is present. Touch any key to clear the code from the display and return to the estimated time remaining. 

Try the following:

  • Clean the lint screen
  • Check to see if the house vent from the dryer to the wall is crushed or kinked.
  • Confirm that the house vent from the dryer to the wall is free of lint and debris.
  • Confirm that the exterior vent exhaust hood is free of lint and debris.
  • Confirm that your vent system falls within the recommended run length and number of elbows for the type of vent you are using. See the Installation Instructions for details.
  • Select a Timed Dry heated cycle and restart the dryer. If the message persists, have your entire house venting run cleaned. Contact a venting specialist in your area.

CLICK HERE for more information about the symptoms of a blocked house vent

CLICK HERE for more information on checking your house vent 

A dryer vent test, part #W11224254, is available for all dryer platforms. This vent test kit will help you to determine if the venting is restricted and needs to be cleaned. To order, contact Customer Service. 

CLICK HERE to watch a video with information about a clear vent and exhaust

CLICK HERE for information on how to use the vent test kit

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