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Auto dry cycle


Possible Solutions

Were clothes left in the dryer or washer?

Remove the load as soon as the dryer cycle ends. If the load sits for too long after the end of the cycle, wrinkles can set into the fabrics. It is also important to promptly remove loads from the washer to avoid the same problem.

Was the dryer properly loaded?

Place laundry in the dryer. Do not tightly pack the dryer. Clothes should be able to move freely.

For best drying and wrinkle results, untangle items from the washer and separately add them into the dryer.  Items going into the dryer twisted or tangled will take longer to dry and are more likely to come out of the dryer wrinkled.

Tie strings, belts, sashes or other loose or strappy items prior to drying or place in an open mesh bag to prevent tangling and wrinkling of the load.  Loose strings may tangle with other items in the dryer load.

For best results, follow the wet load size recommendations noted for each cycle on cycle guide in manuals, select manuals only.  

Was a large load or mixed fabric load being washed?

Overloading the dryer can cause wrinkling, too. A crowded dryer keeps load items from tumbling freely, which slows drying and increases wrinkling. Mixing fabric types also increases wrinkling.  Dry similar fabric types together to reduce wrinkling.  

Mixing fabric types also increases wrinkling. Lightweight synthetics and blends dry faster and can over dry and become wrinkled, while the 100% cotton items continue to dry. Dry similar fabric types together to reduce wrinkling. 

Check clothing fabric care labels for recommended drying temperatures. Temperatures too high for the fabric may cause over drying, which will result in wrinkling.

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