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Has the Drying Cycle Been Interrupted by a Power Failure?

A PF (Power Failure) error code indicates that the drying cycle has been interrupted by a power failure. Touch and hold START to restart the dryer cycle or press POWER to clear the display.

  • During a power outage, if there was an unexpected amount of power supply line "noise" that the control detected as an incorrect voltage amount, the control could display the PF Error Code.  Also, if any keys were pressed before the 10 second delay interval on power up, this could cause the PF Error Code to appear.
  • If a recent power outage has occurred, turn off the household circuit breaker for the dryer for one (1) minute.  Then reset the circuit breaker and monitor the dryer for one (1) minute to ensure the error code does not display again.  Verify dryer operation is normal.
  • If your dryer was installed recently (within approximately 3 months), contact a qualified electrician to verify the electrical supply.

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