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Possible Solutions

Was the cycle paused or interrupted?

Blinking lights will occur when the cycle is paused or when the cycle has been interrupted by opening the door. Press START/RESUME once to show which selections you used. Select the wash cycle and options desired or press START/RESUME to repeat the same cycle and options that were previously interrupted. 

Blinking lights may also occur when certain errors have been detected. If an error occurs in which the controls lock out and will not allow another cycle to be started, please schedule service. 

Cycle power to the control to reset the dishwasher:

Much like a computer, resetting the dishwasher control can sometimes solve the issues you are experiencing. To reset the dishwasher control panel, it needs to be disconnected from the power source for one minute. If your dishwasher is plugged into an outlet, simply unplug the unit for one minute and then plug the unit back in. If the dishwasher is hard wired to the power supply, turn the breaker off at the home electrical panel that powers the dishwasher for one minute and then turn the breaker back on.  

Still need help?

Please contact us at 1-866-616-2664, or by live chat, email or mail.

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