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Using Powder or Liquid Detergent

Using Powder or Liquid Detergent in your Amana Washer 

Which is better - Powder or Liquid Detergent?

You may want to know which is better to use - liquid detergent or powdered detergent?  This really depends on the items being washed, as well as the water conditions in the home.

  • Powdered (sometimes called Granular) detergent generally removes stains like mud or clay better than liquids. They are also more effective in tying up elements such as iron or manganese in the water supply, which can cause rust stains.
  • Liquid detergents are generally better for cleaning greasy, oily stains better than powders. They are more convenient for pre-treating than powder. They also dissolve easier in cooler water conditions.        

Always follow the manufacturer's instructions for detergent usage. Use only HE High Efficiency detergents in high efficiency machines. 

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