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Understanding a Dryer's Beeps and Tones

What do the Beeps and Tones mean on my Amana Dryer?

Beeps and tones:

There are two types of tones available for use on some dryers: End Beep and Damp Beep.

End Beep:

Use this to turn the signal indicating the end of a drying cycle to low, medium, high or off.

NOTE: You may also turn off the tones that sound when a feature, setting or option is touched. Touch and hold End Beep for about three seconds to turn sounds to low, medium, high or off.

Damp Beep:

Touch to select the Damp Beep signal. You may adjust the signal to low, medium, high or off. When selected, a series of beeps will sound when the load is damp, but not completely dry. This will allow you to take clothes out of the load that do not need to dry completely. This option is not available on all cycles. The Damp Beep signal is selected as a default for the Bulky/Sheets cycle, as a reminder to manually reposition bulky loads midway through the cycle.


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