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Convection fan is operating or running when a convection cycle has not been selected

Models Affected:

ANY gas or electric freestanding range or wall oven with convection.

  • Convection fan is operating / running during preheat when using non-convection functions.
  • May also hear the convection fan operating or cycling in ANY cooking function.

Convection Fan Off.jpg        Convection Fan On.jpg

Convection fan off                                 Convection fan on


  • NORMAL Operation for the convection fan:
    • Operates during preheat for both non-convection and convection functions.
    • Turns off when the oven door is opened.
  • During preheat or when convection cycle is selected, the convection fan will come on:
    • Immediately for all ELECTRIC convection models.
    • After 5 minutes for all GAS convection models.

The reason:

To provide better baking and cooking performance, the convection fan:

  • May cycle on/off for short intervals during preheat, depending on model, to optimize preheat times and provide uniform oven temperature.
  • May run or cycle in ANY cooking function, not just a convection cycle.
  • Does not change cooking time on non-convection functions.