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How to check the main gas valve

Is the main gas shut-off valve turned ON?

  • The shut off will, typically, be on the gas branch piping immediately after the piping comes thru the wall or floor.
  • You can check if the main gas shut-off valve is in the "ON" position if you are able to slide the range out from the cabinet opening to view the main gas valve, for a cooktop look in the cabinet below or adjacent to the cooktop.   
    • If you are unable to move the range, we recommend consultation with a local certified technician. 
    • If the range is hard piped you will not be able to slide the range out from the cabinet. 
  • If it is connected with a flexible supply line take care not to over-extend the supply line.
  • The main gas valve will usually be at the end of a fixed pipe and connected to the pressure regulator with a flexible supply line. Take care not to kink or pinch this flexible pipe.
  • Most service valves are single-lever ball valves; the handle parallel to the line means gas is flowing, perpendicular means it's cut off.



Check the gas regulator shut-off valve for oven gas supply.

  • With the range away from the cabinet opening also check that the Pressure Regulator Shut-Off Valve is turned on. 

CLICK HERE for more information on the Pressure Regulator Shut-OFF Valve Position.