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How to open the door of your Front-load washer (when it will not open)

Did you just install? Is water hooked up to the washer, and turned on?

If during installation the washer was plugged in and turned on without water hoses attached and turned on, the washer may attempt to drain for 8-10 minutes before the door unlocks.  Let the washer run until the door unlocks.  Do not turn off the washer or unplug the washer.

Does water remain in the washer after the final spin? 

If water remains in the washer after the final spin, then the door will not unlock. Select the drain and spin cycle to remove any remaining water from the washer. The door should unlock at the end of the cycle.   For models that have Rinse/Drain & Spin,  push the Extra Rinse button to turn off the rinse to remove excess water.

Is the door locked and the "Add a Garment" light on?

If the "add a garment" light is on, then the washer door will unlock after the Pause/Cancel button is pressed once. Pressing the Start button will restart the washer at the same point where it left off in the cycle.

Is the door locked and the "Add a Garment" light off?

If the add a garment light is off, then the washer door will unlock after the Pause/Cancel button is pressed twice. The door will not immediately unlock while the cycle is running due to a possible high-water level in the washer, high-water temperature, tumbling or spinning. It may take up to five minutes for the washer to stop spinning and draining before the door will unlock. You will hear the door click when it unlocks.

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