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How to turn the turntable function on or off

Is the turntable function turned off using the "Turntable" button/key on the control(select models)?

The Turntable may be turned off (select models) for manual cooking only. This is helpful when cooking with plates that are bigger than the turntable, or when cooking with plates that are side by side.

  • By touching the Turntable ON/OFF button/key, it is possible to switch the turntable ON and OFF during some microwave cycles. 
  • The turntable can be turned “On” or “Off” during the Manual Cook, Manual Reheat, Manual Defrost, Manual Steam Cook, and all Easy Convect cycles.
  • Turntable feature cannot be turned off during preset/auto cooking or sensor functions.
  • Locate the "Turntable" button/key on the control panel (select models) to re-activate the turntable.

Refer to the Use and Care Guide for detailed information.

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